21 October 2013

La Vida Mineral Springs Water Tank's Good Samaritan Again!

Sometime over the last few days, presumably during the weekend, the recent spate of graffiti on the old La Vida Mineral Springs water tank was painted over.

It is assumed this good act was done by the same good samaritan who has covered previous tagging efforts, unless another person took it upon themselves to take on the good deed.

In any case, whoever stepped up, kudos to them.  There is still some graffiti on the side of the base, but who can complain when the worst of it was brushed away!

As noted before, the old tank, dating back many decades, was long hidden from view by the dense growth of plant material before the November 2008 fire, now approaching its fifth anniversary, burned away the cover and exposed the tank to endure several bouts of tagging.

Thanks again to whoever it was who came to its rescue yet again.

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