10 October 2013

A New Carbon Canyon Roadside Memorial

In recent days, a second roadside memorial has appeared for Abel Preciado, who died last month when a car he was driving crashed into a power pole in front of the old La Vida Mineral Springs property on the Brea side of Carbon Canyon.

This monument is on the pole replacing the one destroyed in the crash and is much more elaborate than the first memorial located a little further east.

As the photos here show, a great deal of attention was paid to the memory of the deceased, including handwritten notes, stickers, and a remarkable photograph of Preciado on a piece of the Camaro that he was driving when the accident occurred.

Clearly, this was a person who meant a great deal to his family and friends and this remarkable tribute is all the more lamentable because he was only twenty.


Hope said...

Tears are falling but you Will never fall out of my heart. miss you so much:'(

Anonymous said...

Abel u will never be forgotten and always in our hearts, almost a year gone by, I cherish all our memories together, childhood and teenage years until the end were wonderful, thank you. Missing you always, love you forever. Always in our hearts and minds, I weep for u still, but know we will meet again one day. Our guardian Angel xoxo <3