28 October 2013

Carbon Canyon Historical Artifact #39: Badminton at La Vida Mineral Springs, 1948

This is an unusual view of La Vida Mineral Springs from the 1940s, with a "Genuine Hand Colored Photograph" from publisher Fred K.W. Martin of Pasadena showing a couple of dudes in white duds playing a spirited game of badminton.

The duo are in a dirt court set next to the two-story bath house, which existed for about three decades or so, from the 1920s to the late 1950s, when a devastating explosion destroyed most of the structure, which was then raised and replaced by a motel.

To the left is a small structure which may be the one seen in many views near both the bath house and the hotel and which may have been an office.

A few trees amidst a sitting area with an umbrella and some furniture are also of note.  At the lower left is the name of resort in black lettering, though notice how the letters "Vida Min" are distinct from the rest and are located on what looks like a small post at the border of the badminton court.  Not sure, though, if that means anything.

The postally used card has a one-cent stamp, a postmark from Placentia (La Vida had a rural route designation through that town's post office), an address to some folks from Quakertown, Pennsylvania (about the most appropriate name for a community in the state as could be) and a short message that the sender was readying to go to Santa Catalina Island but also noted that "we went hier [sic] for one week."

While there were other La Vida postcards issued during the 1940s, this one by Martin may be somewhat rare.  In any case, it is a nice little view of another aspect of the springs.  Clicking on the image opens it with a larger view in a separate window.

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