31 October 2013

Sleepy Holloween Spirits On Display

As recounted previously on this blog, the Carbon Canyon community of Sleepy Hollow had a tradition from the mid-1960s for a couple of decades afterward of celebrating Halloween by having its own recreation of the nighttime ride of the headless horseman chasing after Ichabod Crane near the old community center and fire house.

Unfortunately, that event ceased quite a number of years ago, although more recently the Carbon Canyon Women's Club held annual Halloween parties in the new community center.  Even that, however, stopped a few Halloweens ago.

There are, though, some folks who are doing their best to keep up the spirit(s) of the season by decorating their homes and encouraging the few children who live in Sleepy Hollow to do their trick or treating here. 

In fact, at least in some parts of the community, there have been increasingly more elaborating decorations this year than in the recent past.

Here are just a few photographic examples of the ghosts, goblins, witches, zombies, tombstones, and other Halloween creatures and fixtures that are inhabiting the area this holiday.  While there isn't a picture of it here, there's even a headless horseman at the end of the community to keep that part of the local lore intact.

It sure would be cool if there could be a revival of the ride of the headless horseman, though that might be asking for too much, but at least there are some inventive and creative holiday decorations to enjoy during the Halloween season.  Note the Miley Cyrus tombstone at the lower left of the above photo.

So, thanks to everyone who takes part in enlivening Sleepy Hollow this time of year.  While it's certainly fun for the kids to enjoy, the adults seem to be as in to it as the younger ones, too.

Here are more examples of the awesome decorations that are out there right now:

Couldn't resist having this sincere shout-out to Elvis included.

Some of these take some work, but they really add a lot to the atmosphere when they're up.
All this one needs is a hand sticking up out of the ground--maybe next year.

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