03 June 2010

A Little Sleepy Hollow Mystery!

Sleepy Hollow is, despite its usually overblown reputation in a rather staid Chino Hills, actually a generally sleepy neighborhood, usually pretty quiet (except for the traffic on Carbon Canyon Road), and with hardly any major crime to speak of (note the shocking murder in the Higgins Ranch neighborhood last week or the horrific murder/suicide near Peyton and Eucalyptus last year as examples of where the unexpected can happen in places thought immune from such events.)

So, it was more than surprising as I drove home this evening about 10 p.m. through the Brea side of the Canyon, crossed into Sleepy Hollow and turned onto Rosemary Lane and my headlights illuminated guy in his 20s or early 30s standing next to a later model shiny red pickup and holding his arm in the air while it and much of his left side down his leg covered in blood.  I did a double take as I made the turn and then reversed back slightly and rolled my window down to see if the guy needed any help. 

He calmly replied that he was OK and that paramedics were on the way.  When I asked again if he needed anything and he shook his head, I headed home.  Within minutes, a fire truck and five squad cars from Chino Hills rolled into Sleepy Hollow and proceeded to the scene.

Maybe there'll be something in the local paper about it, but it certainly was a strange sight to see.  If anyone hears what happened, feel free to leave a comment.

Addendum, 14 June 2010

Thanks to an update from Sleepy Hollow neighbors, this turned out to be a domestic dispute in which the man I saw had been in an argument with his wife and said spouse cut him on the arm with a knife.  There's not much more that can be said than that.

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