02 June 2010

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #4861

This one seems to have taken place over the Memorial Day weekend on Carbon Canyon Road just west of Carriage Hills, only a few feet from the crash detailed on the post of 12 April. 

There is a long, deep, dark skid moving from the westbound lanes across the opposite side and then into the embankment, fundamentally the same general pattern as the April incident.  A portion of a windshield, broken glass, and a strip of plastic or rubber were left on the shoulder.

Meanwhile, it is possible there was a second car involved as there is what looks to be another skid mark on the eastbound side moving into the shoulder.

At any rate, it is reasonable to assume that a high rate of speed negotiating the westbound turn just past Carriage Hills Drive led to the usual overcorrection and interface between car and embankment.

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