19 June 2010

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #4944 and #5012

Several sets of skid marks of various lengths and shades of black have sprung up on Carbon Canyon Road (SR-142) over the last couple of weeks, with at least two instances of vehicles unable to remain on the roadway.

The first of these was reported via a nephew to have taken place about a week and a half ago and involved an eastbound car that crossed the opposing lane and went over the side of the road on the incline heading up toward the S-curve just across from the Carriage Hills subdivision in Chino Hills.  The auto slid down the short embankment and into the barbed wire fence that runs along where the Stonefield development is slated for construction.

The second of the incidents involved a westbound vehicle sliding off the highway at the bottom of the hill just east of Olinda Village in Brea in a particularly prevalent place for people to leave the roadbed.  In this case, there is a fairly significant debris field, as the photos show, in which a side mirror, some window glass and other items were strewn on the shoulder.

The photos were taken this afternoon.

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