13 June 2010

Carbon Canyon Land for Sale!

For anyone (uh, a developer, maybe?) who has $2.6 million (or whatever can be negotiated) to spend, there is a new real estate listing for acrage on the Brea side of Carbon Canyon.  This is for 43 acres at 5600 Carbon Canyon Road, which is the parcel owned by Samsung Presbyterian Church.  

The Korean-American church has been at the site formerly known as Carbon Canyon Christian Church for a few years now.  It would appear this is some portion (all?) of the undeveloped area to the west of the church compound, where there is now a trail, a cross upon the small hill, some pull-up bars, a bench or two, and other minor improvements. 

A glance at the Brea General Plan's "Land Use Policy Map" shows that the area is zoned for medium density residential within the specifications of the "Carbon Canyon Specific Plan." 

Above is the ad from today's "San Gabriel Valley / Inland Empire" real estate section of the Los Angeles Times.

Here is the MRMLS listing description:

Huge portion of parcel being sold off by non profit - approx 43 acres. Can be suitable for school, resort, housing, townhomes, retreat center or banquet facility. Any proposed developement must comply under the Carbon Canyon General Plan which was adopted by the Brea City Council. Any developement will be judged on individual merit of project. Sale subject to partial reconveyance by bank with final approval of terms.

The URL for that listing:


Whether or not the site can be used for a school, resort, retreat center or banquet facility, when the zoning is medium residential, depends on whether there is the potential for a rezoning.  Another issue is how much of the parcel falls under the Hillside Management ordinance, which has different restrictions on density dependent on degree of slope, although also allowing for "unit transfer" for more units on flatter developable areas of the property.  Not knowing the extent of the 43 acres in question, it is hard to hazard a guess as to how many units could be built (and where) on the property.  At any rate, it will be interesting to see what happens to this parcel if and when it is sold.

Meantime, the 13-acre parcel down the road to the east, at 5800 Carbon Canyon Road just on the other side of Hollydale Mobile Home Estates, is still for sale at $1,499,900.  The listing states that three large grading pads have been completed (this within the last couple of years or so), but can be subdivided.  More notably, it also notes that a contract with a civil engineer has been taken to create eight custom lots.  Obviously, a purchaser of this property has much more of a headstart on getting development accomplished.  The MRMLS listing is:


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