09 June 2010

Sleepy Hollow Car Thefts Reported

According to a neighbor here in Sleepy Hollow, there have been several reports of items stolen from cars in the neighborhood in recent days.  Most of these incidents have, evidently, involved unlocked vehicles and, in a community with fewer garages than most, it would seem imperative to keep those cars secured.

Meantime, hopefully the Chino Hills Sheriff's Department station has been notified of these thefts, so that some patrols of the neighborhood can be initiated.  Let's hope that a little vigilance, coupled with securing vehicles, will mitigate the petty thievery.

Addendum, 14 June 2010

The comment to this post states that a specific homeless person is responsible for the car thefts in Sleepy Hollow recently and this assertion has been passed on to someone with a connection to the city's sheriff's substation.  Meantime, it is well-known in the community that the number of homeless in Sleepy Hollow is up considerably, which is hardly a surprise.  Obviously, there is no objective way at this point to determine guilt or who is responsible.

Meantime, there have also, it seems, been a series of car thefts at the Carriage Hills subdivision further to the east.  Again, where the incidents there are related to those in Sleepy Hollow is, at the moment, conjecture.  Let's hope the Sheriff's Department can get to to the bottom of this and it would certainly help to keep vigilant about the activities of our homeless population, without drawing too many broad conclusions.


Anonymous said...

It's that homeless vagrant, Gary Lee Carter, Jr., who lives on the hillside under the manzanita bushes, not too far behind that last little group of older houses on the right side as you head North out of Sleepy Hollow. He steals to survive and to support his hypodermic drug habit. Unfortunately, for the Sleepy Hollow residents, that is where he built his "base-camp" so he calls it.

Paul said...

Hello Anonymous, thanks for this--I've passed it on to someone who has contacted the Chino Hills Sheriff's Department substation about these incidents. Let's see if anything comes of it.