28 February 2016

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #18999

Here's another one.

This probably took place last night, because it was not there yesterday afternoon, and this was photographed around Noon today.

This is the same spot on westbound Carbon Canyon Road, at the old entrance to the La Vida Mineral Springs motel in the Brea portion of the canyon, which has been the scene of many an accident over the years.  Just last month, the guardrail seen in these images was damaged yet again.

In this case, the driver evidently took the preceding curve too quickly, skidded off the road and came to an abrupt stop in a low dirt berm.


Jeff Fischer said...

Sorry to hijack this post, PRS, but I'm curious if you have any information on the new building near the community center? Sorry if you've already mentioned it, but I just noticed it today for the first time. Looks like it might be apartments?

prs said...

No problem Jeff. Are you talking about near the Sleepy Hollow Community Building? If so, a single-family home was jut finished a hop, step and a jump up Rosemary Lane from there. Further down on Carbon Canyon Road, there is another single-family home in construction.