14 February 2016

Another Carbon Canyon Road Closure This Morning

UPDATE, 10:30 a.m, Monday the 15th: Carbon Canyon Road is still closed as Southern California Edison has finished its work on the downed poles, but now Verizon is making its repairs. City of Chino Hills updates still say detours are through the Carriage Hills community, though there has been rerouting through Summit Ranch.

, 8:15 P.M.:
There have been updates at 1 and 7 p.m., but there is no change to the closure of Carbon Canyon Road..  The highway is still closed on the S-curve at Summit Ranch.

Coming through a little before 1 p.m., the detour was actually through Summit Ranch, but both updates say that drivers will be redirected through the Carriage Hills neighborhood

Here was the message from the City of Chino Hills alert system:

February 14, 2016 6:39 AM

Carbon Canyon Road Closed at S Curves-Detour Available

A single vehicle accident has resulted in downed power lines and a complete closure on Carbon Canyon Road in the vicinity of the S curves. A detour is available through Old Carbon Canyon Road and the Carriage Hills area. SCE has been notified.

Presumably the road is still closed and work on the power lines continuing, because there haven't been any updates since then.


Jeff Fischer said...

Yeah, one northbound detour is through Summit Ranch for sure. Not sure about the southbound...maybe it goes on Old Carbon Canyon. Oddly enough, they had marked the Summit Ranch detour really well yesterday, but have inexplicably picked up the signs this morning. So we have some folks wandering around the neighborhood trying to get back to Carbon Canyon...

prs said...

Hi Jeff, thanks for the additional information. Two full closures in a weekend. At least these weren't during commuter times. Looks like last summer's press releases in the face of acknowledged statistics of high crash rates on Carbon Canyon got the job done instead of more regular patrolling, huh?

Jeff Fischer said...

In case it's of any use: The detour through Summit Ranch is simple--once you enter, take the next three right turns if you're going northbound, or the next three left turns if you're going southbound.