26 February 2016

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #s18627 & 18781

In the later afternoon today, there was another driver's departure from Carbon Canyon Road as a westbound traveler, evidently took the curve just below the Carriage Hills development a little too fast, skidded through the turn and very nearly headed down the steep embankment, though he managed to cling to the very narrow lip of the shoulder area.

The photo was snapped just as the tow truck had arrived and was preparing to remove the vehicle.  The young driver is shown seated by the roadside looking out towards the old Shelly Stoody ranch house atop the nearby hill, perhaps contemplating his dilemma and the consequences of his split-second decision-making.

It should also be pointed that there was another recent example of a driver unable to stay on the straight and narrow--the tire tracks and further denigration of an old section of chain link fence provide mute testimony from this instance, which took place within the last few weeks on the westbound side of Carbon Canyon Road just where it meets Old Carbon Canyon Road before the steep climb up the S-curve.

Just above this location, CalTrans crews were out earlier this week, replacing several sections of guardrail that were damaged in recent weeks and months.

Over on the Brea side, eastbound between Olinda Village and the old La Vida Mineral Springs property, a section of guardrail is crumpled and wood supports splintered by a vehicle's recent misadventures.

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