03 March 2016

Madrona Appeal: Good News, Bad News

It has been reported that the City of Brea has decided not to appeal the ruling against the Madrona development, which proposed 162 houses on over 350 acres on the north side of Carbon Canyon between Sleepy Hollow and Olinda Village in Brea.

That's the good news.

However, the property owner, Old Standard Life Insurance Company, which is in receivership with the State of Idaho, has decided to pursue an appeal.

There's your bad news.

It may be about 18 months before a hearing actually takes place before the appellate court.  Hopefully, that court will uphold the lower (Superior) court ruling, based on the very thorough examination of the facts in evidence that comprised that decision, including the casual violation of the city's own ordinances relating to the matter.

In the meantime, lead plaintiff, Hills for Everyone, which has led the lengthy battle against this poorly-conceived and potentially-destructive development, will be needing help raise funds to continue the fight.  Stay tuned here or check out the HFE Web site here for more.

But, we will see when that time comes!

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