26 February 2014

Sleepy Hollow Founders Home for Sale

A house said to have been built by the Purington family, who established the Sleepy Hollow community in 1923, has been put up for sale within the last couple of days.

The two-bedroom, one-bath residence, built in 1930 and measuring in at a little under 1000 square feet sits on a 15,840 square foot lot, which is pretty large by Sleepy Hollow standards.  The house looks to have had some remodeling in recent years and has a nice brick fireplace near a skylight in its living room.

This 1930 Sleepy Hollow residence, said to have been built by the Purington family, developers of the community, is now up for sale.  Click on the image to see it in an enlarged view in a separate window.
It is the lot, however, that might be the most appealing part of the property.  For one, it has an in-ground pool, one of only a couple in the neighborhood.  Second, it has some pretty extensive decking and a bridge that crosses from the house over a gully that empties into Carbon [Canyon] Creek and connects to another part of the lot.  Then, the lot backs up to the creek and there is only one neighbor, which is the old Sleepy Hollow Community Church that serves now as a residence.

One of the constraints, though, is that the residence sits right on Carbon Canyon Road and at a spot where the road curves sharply.  Consequently, accidents are as frequent in this location as virtually anywhere else in the canyon.  In fact, the wood fence for the lot along the road has been plowed into a few times over recent years--leading the owners at one point to put up a hand-lettered banner reminding drivers of the 25 mph speed limit in the area!

Still, this could be a very cool place for someone looking for the type of environment the canyon offers and with the amenities listed above.  It may not matter to a prospective buyer that the home was built by the founders of Sleepy Hollow, but that's a pretty cool attribute, as well.

To see more, check out this Redfin listing here.


Pam said...

Home sold in 18 days for full asking price. Super nice folks moving in. After 21 years of living in the canyon I'm sad to leave, but am grateful the new owners love it here and will take good care of the home. I'll be reading this blog I enjoy so much to keep up on events. Until we meet again... Pam

prs said...

Hi Pam, thanks for the comment and the update. We've been near neighbors for 10 years and never met, but best of luck wherever you're going.