19 February 2014

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #14373

These poor signs at the middle of the S-curve along Carbon Canyon Road on the Chino Hills portion of Carbon Canyon just don't have much of a chance.

Despite their simple, modest suggestions to eastbound drivers to follow the yellow center and white shoulder lines and make the sharp turn downhill towards Summit Ranch, they are prey to being mowed down by those who, for whatever reasons (generally speed and/or chemical impairments), cannot fulfill their humble request.

So it was within the last few days for this ex-sign, plowed under and mutilated, leaving it for another of its kind to be, at taxpayer expense, put in danger on the front lines for the next errant vehicle to repeat the violence.

Meantime, below is a shot of the location, also eastbound, but this time directly across from the old Party House #2/Canyon Market in Sleepy Hollow, in which a red car determinedly drove straight, more or less (OK, less) while the state highway thoughtlessly veers slightly to the left and then right, into Carbon (Canyon) Creek.  The crumpled guard rail's end managed to snag a piece of the car's body before the vehicle plunged into the nearly dry waterway.  This was a few weeks or so back.  The location is just a hop, skid and crash away from the scene of last Thursday night's accident on the westbound side of the road, of which crash little evidence remains aside from some small pieces of debris and splayed dirt.

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