27 February 2014

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #14484

The elementary school bus driver, arriving about 15 minutes later than normal, reported that a car overturned eastbound at the bottom of the S-curve along Carbon Canyon Road in the Chino Hills section of the canyon, somewhere near the intersection of the state highway and Old Carbon Canyon Road.

This image taken on 28 February shows what appears to be part of a front fender that is residue from the overturned vehicle accident that took place on the morning of the previous day the 27th on the rain-slicked Carbon Canyon Road along the S-curve near Summit Ranch in Chino Hills.   Click on it to see it in an enlarged view in a separate window.
Though the rainfall from this badly-needed storm seems to be pretty moderate so far, with the heavier soaking to come later, there appears to be the expected lack of adjustment by some drivers to the wetter conditions that are out there.  Obviously, there are certainly many similar accidents throughout the region right now.

Eastbound traffic is light in the mornings, so the inconvenience might be marginal . . . well, except for the bus trying to get kids to school.

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