13 February 2014

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #14224: Sleepy Hollow Crash Tonight

Just came home from a talk, sponsored by the Orange County Historical Society, on Carbon Canyon, during which, among many topics, the "Carbon Canyon Speedway", a.k.a. Carbon Canyon Road, a.k.a. State Route 142, was touched upon, with three photos of accident scenes . . .

And, came upon an accident in Sleepy Hollow with what looks like a vintage Econoline van with a crushed front end stopped next to a house that sits right along the north end of the roadway.  The van was heading westbound and went straight instead of left.

San Bernardino County Sheriff's officers are guiding traffic through one lane at a time and there was, evidently, an ambulance on scene, so the partial closure could be going on for some time.  It's been said the van was sailing along at high speed before the loud crash was heard.

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