07 August 2012

4.4 Earthquake Close to Carbon Canyon

A few minutes ago, while enjoying some Olympics gymnastics competitions, a short, but sharp jolt and movement was felt and it did seem quite close.

Indeed, it was a 4.4 earthquake that just now has been reported as being 2 miles northeast of Yorba Linda, which puts the epicenter within Chino Hills State Park at just about the same point (and, likely, the exact fault) as the most recent quake on 13 June, less than two months back.  At 5 1/2 miles below the surface, it is considered a shallow shaker, hence the stronger feeling for those of us up above.

At that magnitude, damage is most probably non-existent, but this is a reminder that there has been some fairly significant seismic activity, recall the 5+ shaker that hit a few years back on 29 July 2008, in this area.

UPDATE, evening of 8 August. 

Turns out there were at least 30 tremors in and around the area of last night's shaking, with one this morning at about 9:30 being slightly smaller than the previous evening.  All in all, though, little stuff compared to the Big One (8.0+) that we're long overdue for, given that the last of these major quakes was in 1857.  And, it's amusing to hear people on TV going into great detail concerning what happened with that 4.4 struck and caused a pencil to roll off the desk or a Franklin Mint collectible to shift an eighth of an inch to the right.  Makes you wonder just how unprepared people are for what is bound to slam into us one day.

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