29 August 2012

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #9563-66

The folks at CalTrans District 8 work fast sometimes.  Sometime, likely late Monday or early Tuesday, a driver heading east on Carbon Canyon Road took the middle portion of S-curve on the Chino Hills portion between the summit and the upper entrance to Summit Ranch and took out the directional sign shown in the photo below.

The sign was badly crumpled and probably totaled when it was noticed on Monday afternoon's drive home.  By this morning, when this photo was taken, a brand new sign and post were up and it looked as if nothing had ever happened. 

Someone took offense, evidently, at being told how to navigate this curve and unceremoniously put said sign out of commission, apparently late Monday or early Tuesday, but CalTrans District 8 personnel were on the scene in short order and put up a new post and probably a new sign by the time this photo was taken this morning.

Meanwhile, there have been at least one crash and a couple of other examples of cross-lane action over on the Brea side.  Just west of the Orange/San Bernardino County lines, an eastbound driver skidded, went through the westbound lane and ran into the rocky outcropping just off the roadway.  Dirt and parts of the car's undercarriage and perhaps other pieces were quite visible for some time, though this has now been cleaned up (though the skid marks remain.)

Further west, just before the old Manely Friends stable, another tight curve reveals a westbound skid pattern crossing through the opposing lane and towards the shoulder.

Then, another short distance towards Olinda, just east of the old entrance to the La Vida Mineral Springs motel, on another curve, there is a similar result of skid marks going into opposing lanes.  There is no apparent evidence of collisions in either of these last two examples.

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