29 August 2012

4.1 Earthquake Today near Carbon Canyon

Co-workers were rushing to call each other about the earthquake that came along at about 1:30 this afternoon, so maybe there are more jitters than usual given the Imperial County swarm of quakes that have hit recently.

In any case, today's little episode was measured at 4.1 and has been located very close to the epicenter of the 5.5 temblor that hit in summer 2008 and has been called the "Chino Hills" quake, although it really ought to be more like the "Sleepy Hollow" shaker.  That larger quake would be somewhat more than 10 times as strong as the meek rumbler from today.  Today's was a tad smaller in Richter scale measurement than the 7 August quake that has been called the "Yorba Linda" quake, but was actually in the vicinity of that section of Chino Hills State Park near that city.

So, earthquake activity continues in and around Carbon Canyon, though today's was not much of an event.  Unless you're already jittery.

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