31 July 2012

Circle K Grand Opening . . . Ten Months Later?

The Circle K market at the corner of Carbon Canyon Road and Canyon Hills Road (which it was learned recently had been the site of an engineering design business at one time--the concrete foundation slab for the prior structure remained until the store was constructed) opened in October, nearly ten months ago.

Nonetheless, a banner now hangs from the convenience store, announcing a "grand opening."  Sometime back, in the Spring, there had been an article in the Chino Hills Champion discussing the store and its prospects with the owner mentioning that a grand opening was in the works.

After some delay, this now appears to be true.  As the photograph was snapped, a man walking from his vehicle to the store gave a prolonged and protracted curious stare to the paparazzi.  Makes sense.  Why would anyone stop to take a photograph of a Circle K and/or its banner?