26 July 2012

Why We Live in Carbon Canyon #482

Just a few minutes ago, while returning home to Sleepy Hollow from the Brea side of Carbon Canyon and passing the entrance to the St. Joseph's Hill of Hope entrance, an unusual sight came suddenly into view.

Six deer, two adult does and four fawns, were casually grazing on some of the plant material right at the fence next to Carbon Canyon Road.  Generally, you might come across a single animal or maybe a few, but to see a half-dozen together at once was pretty cool!

A quick u-turn at Rosemary/Hillside was made and then parking at the turnout just beyond the entrance--and there they were, maybe thirty feet away, and primed for a great few shots with the camera.

The old, beat-up Canon, though, has a fussy shutter and so the first, and best, shots from the nearest vantage point were wasted.  When the shutter finally got open, the deer were already beating a retreat up Lions Canyon Road (the dirt road that leads back to the Hill of Hope). 

A hurried few shots captured them making their way to the northwest, where they found a spot to the west of the dirt road and headed up into the hills.

So, not the best photos, but still captures one of the many reasons why living in Carbon Canyon is special. 

Now, if more homes get built here, especially the Canyon Crest development slated for that very area where the deer were heading when they left the scene, how many deer are going to be around for these kinds of amazing experiences?

Anyway, a nice little surprise for a summer evening in Carbon Canyon (and let's hope the little ones and their mothers stay away from the road!)

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