28 July 2012

On the Skids (Well, Nearly) in Carbon Canyon #9424

Fortunately, it has been a good while since a major accident on Carbon Canyon Road has been noted by YHB (not that there haven't been any, mind you.)

Which is not to say that dangerous (really, dangerous) driving has ceased of late, either.

For example, Monday of last week at 8:30 a.m. a glance out the kitchen window onto the road caught the picture of a motorcyclist, with passenger, passing cars heading westbound on the roadway just after and just before two major curves in Sleepy Hollow.  Putting yourself, a passenger and other drivers at risk . . . for what?  An extra 30 or 45 second to get through the Canyon?

Today, my wife confessed that earlier today she was motoring at a cool 60 mph eastbound on the road as she was passing the Summit Ranch subdivision.  But . . . . wait for it . . .

As she cruised along, though, a motorcyclist turned out from Summit Ranch into the collector lane while my wife went by and cranked it up, passing her along the double yellow center lane at perhaps 70 mph.

Just because a major crash has eluded us for a time does not mean that there should be any complacency.  Whether it's motorcyclists or cars that pass others on the highway, that is extremely dangerous for everyone.  The fact that such maneuvers are successful most of the time is no reason to disregard the risk.

Officialdom and other drivers may not be concerned (after all, it is the Canyon and it is to be expected, right?), but I'm watching my mirrors all the time for these and other questionable behaviors.

Let's hope the major accidents are avoided for as long as possible, but not get complacent about what could happen.

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