07 April 2012

Carbon Canyon's Latest Retail Business Opens

Doggie-Dos is a new pet grooming business that has recently opened in a suite next to the Circle K market at the corner of Carbon Canyon Road and Canyon Hills Road in the Chino Hills section of Carbon Canyon.

Within the last few weeks, a new retail business has opened in Carbon Canyon.  This is Doggie-Dos, a pet grooming service located in the suite next to the Circle K at the corner of Carbon Canyon Road and Canyon Hills Road.

The facility, located in 900 square feet (according to a short recent article in the Chino Hills Champion), is advertised by a small banner hanging over the doorway to the business, which is the first tenant other than the convenience store in the building.

There has been a very slow uptick in the economy, with other new businesses opening in Chino Hills in recent months and there may be enough of a clientele in the area for a grooming business, so it will be interesting to see whether Doggie-Dos will find a viable niche for its services.


India Sepulveda said...

This is a GREAT groomer. She loves the dgos and they look great. Their phone number is 714 646-9760

Teri De La Cruz said...

Great experiance for my doggi Chance. You can really tell that Lisa takes pride in her work and loves what she does. She was really in tune with Chance and he looks great. I really hope this new business florishes. Wishing Lisa the best.