16 April 2012

Carbon Canyon Apiary Mystery

A fellow resident of Sleepy Hollow, who works in rescuing bee hives (the phenomenon of bee hive collapse, which recently was linked to certain pesticides, is a significant one these days) has expressed concern about bee hive frames and boxes that have been at the historic La Vida Mineral Springs site for a couple of years now but appear to have been left there without any maintenance. 

Consequently, wild bees have taken up residence there and my neighbor is concerned that someone, possibly during the ongoing construction project conducted by the City of Brea regarding water mains, pipes and vaults along Carbon Canyon Road or some other agency, might seek to destroy the wild hives to "protect" anyone working in the area. 

It does not appear that anything has been done while the California Conservation Corps crews have been doing their cleanup operations along Carbon [Canyon] Creek in recent weeks.  Still, if anyone knows who owns the bee-keeping equipment at La Vida, please leave a comment for this post.  Thanks!

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