09 April 2012

Carbon Canyon Land to be Sold by Chino Hills

As reported in the 17 March issue of the Chino Hills Champion, a 3.2 acre parcel in the Chino Hills portion of Carbon Canyon is being potentially readied for disposition by the City of Chino Hills.

The article noted that the city's Planning Commission was deliberatng over the prospect of selling or transfetting the city-owned tract, which is off Ginseng Road and Carbon Canyon Road, across the state highway from Western Hills Golf Course.  Currently, Ginseng, which is an old section of Carbon Canyon Road, has a horse stable and access to a couple of houses on it, but the undeveloped land would appear to be adjacent to the highway.  A man who is said to live next to the parcel has expressed an interest in acquiring it.

According to the paper, the acreage must first be offered to another governmental agency or a non-profit organization before being made available for private ownership, though it seems unlikely that any former entity, given the economy, will be interested and it is tought to envision a non-profit use for the land.  While fair market value would be the standard for the first scenario, a private sale would be held at a closed auction.

The property is said to be described as "irregular and hilly," which, actually, would more likely describe land to the south of Ginseng, rather than north, because the area next to the state highway is fairly flat, but the area to the south leading up and toward the open space between the Carriage Hills and Western Hills Oaks subdivisions is far steeper and is on hillside.

In any case, it will be interesting to see what comes of this property once the city has gone through the requirements for its disposition.

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