25 April 2012

California Conservation Corps (+CalTrans) Carbon Creek Cleanup Completed: Corrections Continued

The recently-completed work conducted by the California Conservation Corps along the Orange County portion of Carbon [Canyon] Creek did not just turn out to be removal of dead arundo donax biomass or the recovery of other deceased plant material or the taking out of other debris and trash (such as the furniture and other garbage left months back at the old bridge entrance to the La Vida Mineral Springs motel.)

Comments left on the previous posts concerning this work by Jennifer Dulay of the CCC add to the scope of the work performed:

The California Conservation Corps (CCC) is working with Caltrans on a Transportation Enhancement project along Carbon Canyon. The project derived from the recent fire damage that occurred in Carbon Canyon and Chino Hills State Park. The CCC crews are planting natives to replace the hundreds of native plants that were lost due to fire damage. They are planting Willow, Mulefat, Sycamore and California Walnut.

Thank you for being a supporter of the CCC. The CCC crew is located out of the Pomona Satellite. If you have any questions regarding projects or corpsmember positions, my email is jennifer.dulay@ccc.ca.gov.
This image, taken last Sunday afternoon at the old bridge entrance to the La Vida Mineral Springs motel in the Brea portion of Carbon Canyon shows red and yellow colored flags marking where native plants were placed by crews from the California Conservation Corps, working in conjunction with CalTrans, on an enhancement program along Carbon [Canyon] Creek to mitigate damage down from the 2008 wildfires and from years of invasive arundo donax infestations.

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