07 December 2010

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #6538 and #6579 1/4

More recent escapades on the state highway through our bucolic canyon, despite striping, guardrails, signs, reflectors and, theoretically, common sense that seek to dictate otherwise.

The debris du jour is along the east downslope of the S-curves on the Chino Hills side (lest the Brea side dominate too much in the way of damage) and some of the detritus managed to skitter down the short slope off the highway.

The 1/4 is but a slight push of a section of guardrail up higher on the S-curve that has been frequently knocked off-kilter.

While there, the opportunity to lighten the mood arose--hence, the nice view towards the peaks of San Antonio (aka Baldy), Ontario, and Cucamonga.


Anonymous said...

prs - Trying to figure out the numbering system for "on the skids in Carbon Canyon". Any logic there ? Just a humble daily commuter through the canyon for the last 20 years. Seen the changes, seen the fires, and definitely seen the accidents and the scramble afterwards when they close my favorite route.

prs said...

Hi anonymous, no, there's no logic. I couldn't start with #1 because I wasn't around for that one in 1914 or whenever it happened. So, I just started with a random number and went from there. The whole "series" is a naive (and probably useless) attempt to document the frequency of accidents in case someone in positions of authority might care. Actually, there was a Brea motorcycle officer giving a ticket last night at 9:30, which was a bit of a surprise, since patrols seem to be pretty infrequent. Thanks for the visit and comment.