04 December 2010

La Vida Mineral Springs Water Tank's Good Samaritan Returns!

Over at the old water tank at the historic La Vida Mineral Springs property, it looked like a seasonal change of color for the Fall, as the graffiti-marred structure, hit again some months back, was tagged with additional hues of yellow and who knows what else.

The augmented artistic expression on the La Vida
Mineral Springs water tank as of 23 November.

However, it appears that the same Good Samaritan who painted over the "artwork" last year (or was it the year before) came back within the last few days and obliterated the newest markings. 

The handiwork of the mysterious Good Samaritan, who
gave the old tank a nice touchup, as of 1 December.

So, for now, the base is a brownish gray and the tank is again a faded pink--the colors they were for years and years when, before the 2008 Triangle Complex fire burned down the surrounding brush and weeds, they were almost completely obscured from view.

Let's hope the latest treatment remains for awhile.


Anonymous said...

looks great!

Anonymous said...

I've actually seen the man who paints over this disgusting graffiti!! Saw him, oh, a year or two ago during the daytime...guy in his 50's with a long armed paint brush and lots of pink paint!! Glad to see him keeping up with these skummy graffiti "artists"

prs said...

Hello anonymous, thanks for the comment and whoever this is, he deserves bountiful thanks by those of us who care about Carbon Canyon. Long may he live (and wield his paintbrush, if needed)!

driller said...

Hi ... i found a old bottle gal jug
with a screw on lid ...says la vida mineral water any one know if its the same co

prs said...

Hello Driller, was there more to your question? If not, I think there was only one La Vida company that made flavored mineral water. There was, though, either a branch of the company or a licensee or something which bottled product out of the Sacramento area. Maybe others have something to offer. Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

I have a one gallon light turquoise colored clear glass jug with the original cork. On the jug front are the words "La Vida Mineral Water". The front half of the jug is sort of pebbled, and the back half smooth. Below the neck on the back are the words "one gallon". All lettering is molded in the glass, not printed. I found the jug in the late 1970's under an old house in Oakland California while doing telephone repairs. I thought it was from Mexico! Just did an internet search and found this fascinating information. Love to know the age of the bottle.

prs said...

Hello Anonymous, I understand mineral water was produced from La Vida as early as the 1920s, but most bottles I'm aware of seem to be from the late 1940s and afterward. The color of the glass, the one gallon size, and especially the molded lettering and cork stopper are intriguing and suggestive of an earlier date. Are you willing to e-mail a pic? Thanks for the comment.

Richelle Loughney said...

It's nice to know that there are some people who still care for this old water tank. This has been a part of this canyon for a long time, and it deserves to be treated well like what the good old Samaritan did. Whoever he is, may he be a good role model for the entire community.