06 December 2010

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #6400

There was another debris-depositing dust-up on Carbon Canyon Road over the weekend, just a few yards from the recent incident west of Olinda Village on the downslope toward Carbon Canyon Regional Park and Olinda Ranch.

In this incident, there didn't appear to be any skid marks, just pieces of fenders, mirrors, light panels and other assorted odds and ends scattered for quite a distance on both sides of the highway.

Perhaps someone knows more about this latest event?  There obviously seems to be something about a downhill curve that (going on a limb here) almost certainly involved excessive speed, but as to whether there were injuries beyond the damage to a vehicle or vehicles is not known to this blogger.

After several months of quiet, there have been a series of collisions on the roadway, with a couple of new minor ones noted on the Chino Hills side and maybe from last weekend, as well.

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Wicked Velveeta said...

I was searching out a connection between James Cameron & Carbon Canyon. (He had dreamed up "Avatar" while working for Olinda School District.) What did pop up was an Xbox 360 ad, inviting you to compare James Cameron's Avatar for Xbox 360 to Carbon for Xbox 360 where fellow racers go & take to the winding, treacherous curves of Carbon Canyon.I drive the switchback east of Western Hills and there are accidents all the time. Perhaps "Carbon" should be played as a prerequisite to driving there? (Just google "Compare Need for Speed: Carbon for Xbox 360 to James Cameron's Avatar for Xbox 360".)