03 December 2010

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #6217 & #6382

Within the last week or so, another two incidents have occurred in which drivers have strayed away from the usually adequately striped and marked Carbon Canyon Road (State Highway 142) and caused some notable property damage, including private and public property, as well as the offending vehicle.

The first involved the side-swiping by an eastbound traveler of a pickup truck parked in front of some apartments at the east end of Sleepy Hollow in Chino Hills, the scene of another errant auto that crashed into a rock wall remnant there within the last few weeks.  The photo of the pickup doesn't actually show much of the damage, save some crumpling of the side, but there was a blown tire and many scratches, in addition to the significant dents.

The other took place on the westbound side of the road downhill from Olinda Village on the Brea side of the Canyon.  In this case, the vehicle took a curve too fast, overcompensated, and skidded off the roadway and into the steep hillside.  A reflector or two took hits and several souvenirs of the conveyance in question were left to little the shoulder.  Sprinkled liberally throughout this post are some shots of this latest escapade.

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