05 July 2010

The Return of Artistic Expression in the Face of Social Injustice!

Well, whoever was kind enough to paint the historic La Vida Mineral Springs water tank after the last bout of graffiti (sorry, "street art") might want to break out the can of pink stuff again. 

In the last few days, the tank has again been defaced, as has a nearby k-rail, and even a street sign down the road at Olinda Village that, for some years, has been the sweetest little piece of graffiti you ever did see (the sign reading "Falling Rocks" had the words "in love" added in between the other two--awww!)

As was stated the last time this happened, not long after the November 2008 fire raced through the Canyon, it took the devastation of that blaze to even expose the long-hidden tank to view, just in time for it to be besmirched for the first time in who knows how long, perhaps ever.

It certainly hasn't helped that the property owner (who lives in Japan) or their representative has evidently been allowing someone to store stacks of used pallets and other items on the site near the tank.  One would think that, in a high fire zone, keeping lots of flammable material might be something of a problem.  Authorities don't seem, however, to be concerned, should they even know about it.

Just a couple of other ways in which the natural beauty of Carbon Canyon is being "enhanced."

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