21 July 2010

District 8 Does Great (Again)!

I've only had to make contact with the District 8 office of CalTrans five or six times--for trash pickup, consultation on a tree next to my fence, questions on speed limit policy, and a couple of requests for graffiti removal.  Each time, I've received courteous service and prompt responses.

The latest was a Sunday online maintenance service request for graffiti on the Chino Hills side of Carbon Canyon and, by Tuesday, the work was done.  I received two automated e-mails to let me know the order had been placed for service and that the job ticket was closed once the work was done.  I couldn't imagine faster, more efficient service than that.

All too often, government workers are used as easy targets for rhetorical posturing and politicized pandering.  Sure, in any enormous organization, there are going to be bureaucratic problems, unethnical and illegal behavior, laziness and a disregard for the customer, even at CalTrans, covering thousands of miles of state roadways serving millions and millions of people. 

When it comes to District 8, though, so far there is nothing but positive news to report.  Keep up the good work, folks!

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