18 July 2010

More on the Return of Artistic Expression in the Face of Social Injustice

Perhaps emboldened (if bold can describe sneaking around late at night ruining public or private property) by the reappearance of graffiti on the historic La Vida Mineral Springs water tank and other locales in Brea, a rash of similar artistic expression in the face of social injustice has occurred in several other places in Carbon Canyon, inclding about a half-dozen CalTrans signs and a couple of utility boxes. 

The marring is largely between Carriage Hills Lane and past the Summit Ranch development down near Chino Hills Parkway and is mostly on the eastbound side, though a couple of examples on the lower S-curve that were the first to appear, are westbound.

Fortunately, CalTrans District 8 has been very good at responding to service orders and a maintenance request for this latest decoration of our Canyon has been submitted.  Addendum, 20 July: indeed, I've received an e-mail response today that there will be repair work scheduled, so chalk up another hosanna for District 8 and good customer service!

For those who would like to have a link to the page at the CalTrans web site that deals wth these requests, here it is:



Theresa said...

Thanks for the website info- we have a lot of it on the brea side as well- wasn't sure to call city or caltrans.

prs said...

Hi Theresa, yes, send in the maintenance request online. I sent my in on Sunday and heard back today that they're scheduling removal. District 8 has been uniformly prompt when I've contacted them. I'm not familiar with District 12 on the OC side. Good luck!