07 July 2010

Carbon Canyon Historical Artifact #23

Here is another in a continuing series of cool, retro and, yes, kitschy, 1960s color postcards of La Vida Mineral Springs.  This baby shows the two mineral water-fed swimming pools at the eastern end of the resort, just east of the two-story motel. 

While a number mostly female bathers frolick in the pool, complete with a strange thimble-shaped fountain shooting water several feet in the air, two men coolly sit on aluminum frame, nylon strap lawn chairs (what else?), possibly wondering why they're not out playing golf.  In the distance is a second pool and a variety of small structures. 

To the right is a manicured green lawn with those totally cool striped umbrellas spread out for a little relaxation in the shade.  Note the canyon vista and the steep hills still carpeted with a fair amount of green, indicating that it was likely late spring when the photo was taken.  It is amazing to look at this well-cared for scene some forty to fifty years ago and then compare it to what is (or, more precisely, isn't) there today.

The unused card's caption on the reverse reads "Large mineral water pools and fountain at / LA VIDA MIENRAL SPRINGS / CARBON CANYON / BREA, CALIFORNIA."  The item was issued by Escondido's Amescolor Publishers. 

For a closer look at this great image, click on the photo.

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