12 April 2010

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #4483

Just happened to roll up to this accident scene today at about a quarter to 4 p.m. between Fairway Drive/Ginseng Lane and Carriage Hills Drive on the Chino Hills portion of the Canyon.  While waiting for that SUV to go by me, I had a few seconds to get out the camera and snap this pic before moving on.

A black sedan is seen resting against the side of the hill at the left.  Entirely speculating here, but it appears, from the way the car was facing out toward the road yet with clear dirt tire marks coming out into the roadway from the hillside at the left where the fire truck is parked, that the driver was heading west, hit the turn too fast coming down past Carriage Hills, crossed lanes into the hillside, bounced off said land mass, and then collided with an oncoming vehicle in the eastbound lane, thereby spinning said sedan against the slope where it remained with a crushed front end and shattered windshield. 

There was a car parked on the shoulder at the right, but it was unclear whether it was the other involved vehicle.  Similarly, though there was an ambulance present, no injuries could be detected in those few seconds passing through the scene.

After a quiet first quarter of the year, there have been a few incidents on Carbon Canyon Road just within the last week or two.

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