06 April 2010

Keeping Clear in Carbon Canyon

Within the last couple of weeks, restriping has occurred on the San Bernardino County/Chino Hills portion of State Route 142 (Carbon Canyon Road), much of it the usual markings for stops on sidestreets intersecting with the highway.  There were, however, new additions; namely, "Keep Clear" markings at the intersections of Hwy. 142 with Canyon Hills Road (the image below, taken a few days ago, comes from this intersection), Canon Lane, and Fairway Drive—all on the westbound side.

The assumption is that this is to keep some space on the highway during morning commuting hours for persons entering from these side streets to be able to find a place on the road.  Since the inauguration of the new traffic signals at Olinda, the backup well into the Chino Hills side (sometimes as far back as Carriage Hills or beyond) has been growing most noticeably around the 8 o'clock hour or so, when Olinda Elementary School is starting for the day.

There is no need, evidently (or at least not yet), for "Keep Clear" markings on the eastbound side for afternoon commutes.

It is notable, incidentally, that there are not these markings at other places where residents of tract developments seek to enter the road and where the highway might well accomodate the markings, such as Feldspar Avenue for Summit Ranch dwellers; Carriage Hills Lane for residents of the tract of that name; and Valley Springs Road for those in Western Hills Estates.  Those of us in Sleepy Hollow would probably like the same consideration, but the sharp turns and curves in the neighborhood are apparently the main issues precluding that inclusion.

Finally, it should be stated that two of these marked intersections, Canon Lane and Canyon Hills Road are earmarked for traffic signals, which the City of Chino Hills has on its to-do list for the Canyon. Towards this end, monies from the developer of the recently-approved Stonefield housing project at the northeast corner of Carbon Canyon Road and Fairway Drive (also once considered for a signal) are to be collected. 

If drivers do indeed observe these "Keep Clear" areas (and with the paucity of patrolling by our Sheriff's Department, I can't see why, generally, they would need to), it will, in that 8 o'clock period, cause a longer line of cars sitting, idling and expelling exhaust that will only serve to worsen our pollution situation.  Then again, we only need wait for the planned signals mentioned above, so that the myriad joys of commuting, especially in the morning, will only be enhanced!

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