15 April 2010

Carbon Canyon Clearance Crunch

It's that time of year again!  As summer approaches and even the pretty lush greenery we've enjoyed this winter and spring will turn brown and crispy.  By fall's Santa Ana winds, there will have been little or no rain for months and the fire danger will increase. 

That's why the Chino Valley Fire District on the San Bernardino County/Chino Hills side and the Brea Fire Department on the Orange County/Brea side of Carbon Canyon are ever-vigilant about the risk of fire.  Indeed, the Carbon Canyon Fire Safe Council for the last couple of years has included Brea residents, fire department officials and city staff in a state of cooperation and coordination to minimize these risks.

The new banner seen in the above photo was recently placed at the eastern end of the Canyon and reminds Canyon residents to clear their properties of weeds and trash by 15 May as part of the effort to combat devastating fires later in the year.  Today, in fact, fire inspectors visited our home and are returning in a couple of weeks on a follow-up.  Fees assessed after 15 May include a $130 non-compliance assessment, a $200 administration charge and the costs for having a crew clear the property in question—all added to the owner's property tax bill!

There is also major firebreak work to be done, which will provide a much wider buffer zone than has previously existed.

Meantime, there is brush removal available for the Chino Hills portion of the Canyon.  Contact the fire district at (909) 902-5285 for more information about weed abatement

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