05 April 2010

Circle K Coming To Carbon Canyon

A couple of years ago approval was given by the City of Chino Hills to this project and, as of 26 March, an application for a license to sell beer and wine at a Circle K mini-market has been posted at the long-vacant lot at the northeast corner of Carbon Canyon Road and Canyon Hills Road in Chino Hills. 

The notice, issued by the state Department of Alcholic Beverage Control (ABC), is required to give any prospective opponents to the application thirty (30) days to file their complaint before the license is issued. 

This, of course, means that the market could be constructed soon.  Circle K would, of course, provide competition to the Canyon Market (formerly Party House Liquor) which operates in Sleepy Hollow.  Will weekday commuters, weekend "Sunday drivers" and Canyon denizens be more tempted to stop at a new, shiny chain market rather than the vintage, funky family-owned store?   Will sales at the Circle K justify the expenditures in either acquiring or leasing the land, building the structure from the ground up, and all the other costs of infrastructure and inventory?

This writer, for one, will continue to put a priority on patronizing family or individually-owned business in any case and so will be a loyal customer to Canyon Market, even if it costs a little more.  One of the main reasons small business is crowded out in a variety of economic endeavors is because chains have the purchasing power to obtain goods and services at cheaper wholesale prices by sheer volume and, in many cases, pressure on suppliers and manufacturers.  A Circle K will almost certainly have lower prices than a Canyon Market.

If persons having a choice between the two put price over support of small vs. corporate business than the outcome would seem to be obvious.  In the meantime, the prospect of a Circle K is, like the new traffic signal in Brea and the potential for more tract homes, another example of the gradual disintegration of Carbon Canyon's uniqueness and a further indication of the slow, creeping suburban sameness breaking down the distinction of the Canyon from what surrounds and encroaches upon it.

Supporters of the Canyon's uniqueness and of small business, it may soon be time to circle the wagons against Circle K!


Anonymous said...

Amen Paul. I couldnt have said it better. I will continue to support the Sleepy Hallow market and let me know how I can help circle the wagons.
Surfer Chick

Paul said...

Hi Anonymous, well, I was trying to be clever there at the end. I don't know if anything can really be done. There is the 30-day protest period ending late this month, but on what grounds to stop the project? Keep supporting Canyon Market down in Sleepy Hollow and hope that others do, too. Thanks for checking out the Chronicle!

Kevin said...

I, for one, would love to see this store open in our area. It would provide a much more respectable alternative for convenience shopping than the worn down existing market that we have here. Not to mention, this should bring some life and bustle to the sleepy canyon. By all means, I welcome this new market.

Paul said...

Hello Kevin, you may well be in the majority on this one and I in the other camp. Sure, Canyon Market is in an old building, but I don't think the soda, chips and beer will taste any better at the new store.

Will prices be less at the Circle K because, as a franchised chain it has access to better wholesale costs? Sure, but a chain is still a chain and I'd go with a small business owner whenever possible.

As to the life and bustle in the Canyon, be careful what you wish for.

My concern is that more of the life and bustle will also mean more houses, more traffic, more traffic signals, more commuting delays, more pollution, less open space, less character, and less livability.

Still, thanks for the comment and let's see what happens if the Circle K is built.

Anonymous said...

As any Sleepy Hollow resident who lives within eyeshot of Canyon Market well knows, there is an abundance of illegal drinking and unwanted loitering by the local transients, disorderly neighbors and disrespectful customers that stop on their way through to loiter at the Canyon Market most hours of the day.

It's a shame... not to mention creates a very negative image for our very small community, but some of us suspect the owner would rather deal with the activity than shoo them away and loose their business.

The area surrounding Canyon Market has been known for attracting certain type of activity and our family is going to welcome any diversion to this. We of course wish the store owner well, but maybe this new opportunity for cheaper beer will lure the unwanted loiterers to a new home near circle K. (I bet circle K won't stand for the type of activity that happens at the Canyon Market though, oh well).

I have a feeling if the Canyon Market disapears.... so will the illegal activity. It's a watering hole for the local delinquents.

love my canyon....

private said...

Paul I agree with you 300%!!!

I live in Oak Tree Downs...& the residents that live back here in this area are very aware that the last thing "we" canyon hills residents need is MORE traffic, MORE pollution, MORE traffic lights.

The individual that posted the comment "this should bring some life and bustle to the sleepy canyon. By all means, I welcome this" has NO CLUE why we live here! Most of us LOVE the wild life, the beauty of NO businesses except for "Canyon Market" which is FAMILY owned and we support small business ALL day long.

Shame on those that have the Wal-Mart mentality & do not support small businesses!

It's best to move elsewhere if you are craving jammed packed traffic and major pollution ...try L.A.

I find this all very sad!

private said...

I agree with Paul 300%!

I live in Oak Tree Downs & believe me their is absolutely NO need for more traffic, its already an inconvenience trying to swing a left on carbon canyon via Canyon Hills. The very last thing we need is MORE traffic or ANYMORE cars in this canyon.

Apparently, the person that posted the comment "this should bring some life and bustle to the sleepy canyon" has LOST the ENTIRE reason why "we" the the residents LOVE this canyon.

Shame on those who supported this chain over a family owned business!!!

Don't complain later for what you wished for!!!

Wal-mart mentality now Circle K's.....GREAT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I for one would love nothing more than this project hit a snag such as contaminated soil or anything else that would cost a boatload and prevent the building of this eyesore in a beautiful canyon, is it not bad enough that the greed of the city caused them to proceed with Pine canyon? This must stop!!!walmart, HD, Best Buy, why are we allowing our dreams to be wiped out by big corporations? our grandparents had a dream that they could open small business and have their children and offspring proper. What the #$*## are we ? Robots? #$@!^*&$### And yes! I live in the Canyon.......

Paul said...

To the several commenters since 10 June: thanks for your remarks and your opinions.

To Anonymous (10 June): On the Canyon Market "regulars" who hang out there, I'm not sure where the disorder and disrespect come in. I've been stopping in several times a week for the last few years and say "hello" and stop and chit-chat from time-to-time and have never had a problem.

As to Sleepy Hollow's reputation, that would hardly change if Canyon Market were to close--we'd still be viewed the same way!

Moreover, if the market closed and the building was vacant, don't you think the vandals and transients would start claiming the structure and creating real havoc with it? Be careful what you wish for on that one!

To Private and Centcon: I really can't add anything more to this, except that this is just one of several "improvements" and marks of "progress" coming down the pike, including many more homes, two traffic signals, and who knows what else.

Several projects are approved and will likely be completed, but there is an application in with the City of Chino Hills for 110 homes at Carbon Canyon Road and Canyon Hills Drive (I assume south of the highway?) Keep informed and then join the fight to block this project, if that is possible.

Also, be on the lookout in the near future for a renewed effort to reinvigorate the massive Canyon Crest project on the Brea side.

Please come back soon!

Anonymous said...

To Paul...

Although I can appreciate that you enjoy stopping in at the canyon market to chit chat... you might not see the activity I spoke of. I have to say you don't live within eyeshot of it (as I know this for a fact) or for that matter have to see or hear the activity I referred to in my last post on a daily basis, or have children who see and hear it on a daily basis... you most likely don't see the problems that originate from the customers who purchase alcohol there only to consume it on the property or get in their vehicles and drive away after downing a 12 pack, which is illegal anyhow (do we need anymore alchol related accidents around here?), or then procede to invade our privacy by staring at our homes and the children in the area for hours while the pound their liquor, turn up their stereos, sing, cackle, fight, yell, etc.. (note: several disturbances/ attempted burglary on that street). You probably aren't aware of or see the drug addict/alcoholic neighbors (some are minors) that are so loud and obnoxious when they get together and "party/drink" at the store.

I don't really think there will be as many loiterers if it were to close. Primarily because there would not be any alcohol available for sale on the premises which seems to be the common denominator in the scenarios I spoke of.

But I have to agree that I should be careful what I wish for. Things don't always go the way one would expect.

love my canyon....

John said...

I have been keeping an eye on this post and feel I must chime in here. I live directly adjacent to this development. I was passing by sometime last week and got a chance to speak to the owner of this development. The comments on this post seem to be misguided because this is not a "big corporate chain" type establishment. He indicated that this would be a family owned and operated small business. When I asked him about employment, he indicated that he will be hiring within the local community. From my perspective, in a time where jobs are becoming harder to find, the developer should be given some credit for bringing resources and jobs to this community at a time they are most needed.

prs said...

Hello John, thanks for commenting and, especially, for politely offering a countering view to most of what has gone on with this post.

As you note, this is a franchise, as with most gas stations and their far more profitable markets, but it's still associated with a larger chain, of which our society is far too inundated.

While I appreciate the concern about jobs, it isn't as if there will be many or particularly well paying. At Canyon Market, for example, there are no employees--the husband and wife operate the business. So, the larger net effect is probably more symbolic than substantial.

Noting "Anonymous"'s comment from 10 June, there are people who hang out at Canyon Market and who probably would not at Circle K. As you've seen, there have been comments that see Circle K as a more positive appearing asset.

And, it might well be better to many or most people. To others, myself included, what is promised is often not delivered and what we ask for might become more than what we wished.

Still, it's coming and we'll see what happens. Please chime in any time!