20 June 2008

Support Local Small Business!

The rustic charm of Carbon Canyon generally is appealing to most of us who live in the canyon. For many, the idea of living here means that there isn't the sameness of tract homes, strip malls and shopping centers, and other amenities of typical suburban life. Visitors are also drawn to the canyon because of its beauty and the sense of a temporary escape from the amped-up world around it. Sometimes, though, "chain store culture" means that the local small business faces real uphill challenges for survival.
Here are two local small businesses in Carbon Canyon that deserve the patronage of residents and visitors:
Party House Liquor Store

The building may not look like much and there have been owners who haven't exactly abided laws against underage purchases of alcohol, but Kenny, the relatively new owner of the store, needs our support! In a world where an AM/PM, 7-Eleven, and others of their ilk are nearly on every corner, the little local market like the Party House adds to the small-town like environment of Sleepy Hollow.
The Party House is located on the north side of Carbon Canyon Road (State Highway 142) about 1/10 of a mile east of the Orange/San Bernardino County line. If you're going through during a morning rush hour commute, take a moment to stop for a cup of coffee. If you're on the way home at night, pick up a soft drink or some ice cream for dessert. Weekend visitors on a "Sunday drive" can stop in for snacks and beverages. Sleepy Hollow residents can find the old "milk and bread" pickup right there in your own backyard. It's also a cool place to meet some of your neighbors and talk about the latest accident on the highway!
Why send your money to a corporate behemoth when you can help Kenny keep his small business dreams alive? Is it a little more expensive than the chains? Sure, but can't you afford a few cents extra to make a little statement. Plus, Kenny is a friendly guy and you're not likely to find that at the chain stores!
Sol de Mexico Restaurant
This Mexican restaurant in Olinda Village (enter from Carbon Canyon Road on Olinda Drive and hang a right into the shopping center parking lot--the restaurant is about half-way down) is a real treat. The food is cooked to order and is delicious. Especially recommended is the Camarones a la diabla (Shrimp with a spicy red sauce) and the fish soup is another favorite, but you really can't go wrong with anything on the menu. The salsa is also really good and the tortilla chips are home made. Prices are reasonable and the service is friendly and good. On a warm evening, there is a nice patio to enjoy.
Once again, folks, here's a family-owned small business that is really deserving of your patronage! Sadly, the rest of the shopping center is virtually deserted, except for a medical office or two, a small storefront church, and a real estate office. But, let's see if we can keep Sol de Mexico open and thriving!
Sol de Mexico is, however, a great Mexican restaurant. Try it and then leave me a response.

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