19 June 2008

Speed Trap Alert--Part III

OK, this is the last time I'll address this topic (hopefully.)
Westbound drivers on Carbon Canyon Road (State Highway 142): there was a 45mph sign just as you turn onto the road from Chino Hills Parkway, but, as of this morning, it isn't there. There isn't a sign until you pass Carriage Hills Rd. and it is a 45mph sign, followed by another one just past Canon Ln. From there, you meet a 35mph sign as you reach Sleepy Hollow. After crossing into Brea there is a 45mph sign and the limit remains this until you descend from Olinda Village, at which point the limit is 50. Once you enter the 6-lane portion of the road at Olinda Ranch, just a short distance before the road ends at Valencia Ave., the limit reverts to 45.

So, it would be interesting to know what happened to that first sign on the Chino Hills side; if there'll be a replacement; AND, how deputies would patrol that area under what limit.

There you go!

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