18 June 2008

CORRECTION: Speed Trap Warning!

Perhaps a blogger should do a little fact-checking and research before posting! AND, perhaps not trust an authority figure, such as a Sheriff's deputy, before said fact-checking, research, and posting!
So, now for the correction:
East-bound drivers on Carbon Canyon Road (State Highway 142) should note that the speed limit is 45 from the road's beginnings at Valencia Avenue in Brea through Sleepy Hollow and past Western Hills Golf Course. The limit drops to 40 when you ascend the S-curve at the Carriage Hills community entrance. After you descend the curve, however, and begin to enter the straighter portion of the road a short distance past Old Carbon Canyon Road, there is, after all, the 50mph sign.
The deputy told me the limit was 45 from the golf course to Carbon Canyon Road's end at Chino Hills Parkway. NOT TRUE, AFTER ALL.
As for westbound drivers from Chino Hills Parkway, the posted speed limit is 45. I'll doublecheck tomorrow (there's my caveat!), but I don't believe there is a speed limit change until you get to Sleepy Hollow, at which point the posted limit is 35mph. Once you leave Sleepy Hollow, Chino Hills, and San Bernardino County, you're back to 45mph. When you reach Olinda on the Brea side, there is a 50mph sign on the downhill stretch as you head to Olinda Ranch, Carbon Canyon Regional Park, and the road's end at Valencia.
BUT, REMEMBER: this only really seems to matter for those established, never-changing times when deputies actually patrol the road. Otherwise, the de facto speed limit seems to be whatever the driver decides applies to them!

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