11 April 2017

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon: #24839

Heading westbound on Carbon Canyon Road in Brea at about 1:45 p.m., I came across an accident scene, in which an eastbound vehicle evidently skidded across the state highway and crashed into some yellow bollards on the shoulder and was stranded on the westbound lane.  The location was just east of the former Manely Friends stable.

A passerby was working to help with traffic because of a curve in the road and a siren could be heard from the west.  As I proceeded along, a fire truck from the Olinda Village station roared by with sirens and lights going and an ambulance and police vehicles were not far behind.

The car looked like it was totaled with significant front end damage, though a call to the City of Brea's Carbon Canyon Road hotline did not have information about the crash.  

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