12 April 2017

Carbon Canyon Road Closure Today

A few hours ago, the westbound side of Carbon Canyon Road was closed just east of Olinda Village near the old La Vida Mineral Springs site because of a solo vehicle crash.

Here was the detail from the City of Chino Hills website's "Alert Center":

Road Alert-Update 6:05 pm Wed., April 12th Westbound traffic on SR142 is being rerouted around a solo vehicle accident scene east of Olinda Village. Traffic is heavily congested. 

Major Road Closure - 5:45 pm Wednesday, April 12th – Westbound lane is closed on Carbon Canyon Road, east of Olinda Village, due to a solo vehicle accident. A SIG alert has been issued for the next 45 minutes. Traffic is heavily congested.

Notably, the City of Brea's Carbon Canyon hotline had nothing about this accident, as was the case with the accident just yesterday near today's wreck.

It does seem like there has been a spate of incidents recently, though whether these last two have been because of speeding or other reckless driving is not known.

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