11 January 2016

Carbon Canyon Historic Artifact #49: La Vida Mineral Water Bottle Opener

This is the third bottle opener of a distinctive design from the La Vida Mineral Water Company or La Vida Bottling Company to be highlighted here.

These can be tough to date, but, given that La Vida bottled water appears to have been sold from about 1927 to 1963 and given that this is not likely from the earlier period, when the openers had a sharp point to piece the cap, but instead pulled the cap off from the outside, it might be from the 1940s or so.

Note that stamped on either side is the name "La Vida Beverages" and then, on one side, "Deliciously Different" and, on the other, "Everybody's Choice."  A search of newspaper ads, articles and other sources didn't come up with the use of those terms.

Anyway, this is another item to document the history of an enterprise that was heavily promoted and sold throughout the American West from the late Twenties to the early Sixties.

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