14 January 2016

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #s 18362, 18444 & 18591

None of these appear to have been major accidents, but they look to be indicative of some drivers' tendencies to stray off the defined lanes of Carbon Canyon Road because of what could be excessive speed or some other distraction.  All of these date back at least a couple of weeks or longer, but are more recent than the last "On the Skids" post.

First up is at the middle section of the S-curve where a chain link fence has long stood between a tight curve off the westbound lane of the state highway.  Here an eastbound driver looks to have crossed lanes and taken out a section of the fence, which is bend towards that eastern direction.

Next is just a bit to the west, also on the eastbound lane, quite close to where a bicyclist was hit and killed a couple of years ago.  In this case, the driver veered off the rather plentiful shoulder and grazed the landscape slope beneath the Carriage Hills development, leaving some leftovers from their vehicle in the wake.

Finally, over on the Brea side and also eastbound, just past the old Manely Friends stable property, a car strayed off the road, scraped the bottom of the hillside, took out a reflector and deposited some debris, as well as what looks like fluids from the car on the roadway.


Jeff Fischer said...

The fence with reflectors (flag is new) is the longest-lasting in a series of remedies attempted over the years to prevent drivers cutting that corner on the westbound (uphill) drive. Rocks and signs have been tried as well. Your errant driver does appear to have been heading east (downhill), which means he'd had to have crossed the westbound lanes twice in executing this version of the maneuver.

prs said...

Thanks, Jeff, for the further information. A little east on the last sharp part of the S-curve can be seen a recent indication of skid marks crossing the center line from the eastbound side and heading towards the guardrail. Obviously, this area, which you know well, gets a fair amount of driver errancy.