17 March 2015

Sleepy Hollow Artist's New Mural

Click on any photo to see them in enlarged view in a separate window.
Lena Sekine, a Sleepy Hollow-based artist and a neighbor, has just completed a large outdoor mural for a neighbor on Rosemary Lane that spans the back wall of the house next door, and is a gorgeous and colorful evocation of natural elements enjoyed by the patron who commissioned it.

The photos included here, taken this morning, show the mural and its elements of waves (the woman who requested the artwork is an avid surfer), sun, and mountains, as well as the community name.

Lena has also decorated portions of the landscape around her own house with similar design elements and her work is helping to beautify the neighborhood.

Having her, Hillary Miller (who was profiled here recently for her art exhibit still showing at the Chino Hills Community Center), and other artists in Sleepy Hollow helps make it the vibrant and unique place it has been for nearly a century.

For more information on Lena and her art, please click here for her blog; here for her Etsy shop featuring interesting and artistic jewelry; here for her Pinterest page; and here for her Instagram page.


Anonymous said...

Any insight to the stone creations/monoliths popping up along the canyon road?

prs said...

Hello anonymous, well, these cairns ( think that may be a term for these) popped up a few years ago and then there seemed to be a lull before they reappeared. Otherwise, who knows who or why? Thanks for checking out the Chronicle!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is wonderful! I read so many posts tonight. I have a strong affinity for the Canyon.

Where is the Western border of Sleepy Hollow?
Where is the Eastern border of the old La Vida lands?
Does Tadayao Hata own the lands all the way up to the horse stables at 6751 Carbon Canyon Road?

prs said...

Hello Anonymous of 30 March, thanks very much for the kind comment and great to hear from another canyon admirer.

To answer (or try) your questions: The western border of Sleepy Hollow is the San Bernardino/Orange counties line.

The eastern border of La Vida appears to be the western line of the former Manely Friends stable property there at 6751 Carbon Canyon Road.

As to what Hata owns--this includes, presumably, everything up to that address on the east. To the west, he also has owned property on the south side of Carbon Canyon Road, across from La Vida and going to the end of the hills east and south of Carbon Creek where it runs between the hills and the Hollydale Estates mobile home park there. I hope this makes sense. Some of this land, however, was acquired from him by the Orange County Transportation Authority as mitigation purchasing for OCTA projects elsewhere in the county and then added to Chino Hills State Park.

Incidentally, someone just left a comment on this blog saying they'd been asked to work on a new project at the old La Vida property. Months ago, some Asian men were seen talking on the site, so maybe something is in the works there?