20 March 2015

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #17575 + an Observation

This is another fairly recent example of errant driving on Carbon Canyon Road, this being eastbound across from the old La Vida Mineral Springs property in Brea--a location where many an accident has occurred over the years.

In this case, the driver skirted the shoulder, scraped the hillside, deposited some skid marks and left some driving light lamps, part of a grille and other debris behind.

As one of the curvier sections of the state highway, this vicinity regularly has vehicles straying from the roadway and into the hillside, guardrails, light poles, other cars and so on.

Now for the bonus.  On Tuesday, while puttering along at 48 in a 45, this blogger was passed on the shoulder to the right by a motorcyclist who entered Carbon Canyon Road from the Western Hills Oaks or Mountain View Park tracts on the Chino Hills portion of the canyon.

Then, the rider took to the middle of the highway to pass two other cars.  When we all pulled up to Chino Hills Parkway, the motorcyclist stopped at the red light and then promptly made the left turn before the light went green.

The death of Tammy Seagraves at the hands of a drunk driver on the state highway just a few weeks ago would seem to be the most likely opportunity for local police to make some sort of effort to patrol Carbon Canyon Road.  This is something that's been said many times here before--that the death of an innocent person might prompt action.

After waiting a while to see if there was any prompting, it appears that there is no interest among Chino Hills city or police officials to take any steps to even occasionally patrol the road.  While on one hand, this is disappointing, on the other, it is not surprising, given the general indifference in the past.

Many of us who live and/or drive the canyon regularly can only hope that we aren't the next innocent victim of dangerous driving, because any response from local officialdom appears to be a pipe dream at best.

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Mkenney said...

Wow. Simply wow. The only thing that has appeared to change with the dangerous traffic in the canyon over the last 40 years is that it has gotten worse. Local law enforcement won't be much help, they are as bad or worse drivers in some cases. I was almost in a head-on crash with a Brea PD motorcycle cop in 1975 (not my fault). As I'm still standing is evidence the crash was avoided. Bad thing about it is that the officer gave me a ticket for him being on my side of the road.......