10 March 2015

On the Skids in Carbon Canyon #17341 & #17444

UPDATE: 8:50 A.M.: OK, traffic is moving smoothly again westbound on Carbon Canyon, so whatever took place earlier looks to be handled.

A fire truck with sirens wailing and lights flashing moved down Carbon Canyon Road through Sleepy Hollow and points westward about fifteen minutes ago and traffic has basically been a standstill.

A crash, which is where indications point, appears to have occurred near the county line.

Last Wednesday the 4th, there was a single-car crash that caused the closure of the state highway at Azurite where the Summit Ranch community is located at the S-curves in the Chino Hills portion of the canyon.

This has been quite a run of accidents on Carbon Canyon Road lately, including the tragic death of a Chino Hills woman at the end of February.

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