01 August 2014

Carbon Canyon Lots for Sale

Following on the heels of the last post about the Sleepy Hollow home and adjacent 4-acre parcel for sale, there are quite a few other undeveloped parcels in Carbon Canyon for sale, though the ability of a prospective buyer to build on some may be suspect or, at least, quite costly, while others appear to have more possibilities.  In some cases, the prices are questionable.  Obviously, these listings are for informational purposes and, as in any instance, an interested party needs to research these very carefully.

The first listing is for an unusual shaped parcel off Brandon Circle, a small cul-de-sac accessed from Old Carbon Canyon Road, just south of Carbon Canyon Road and adjacent to the Carriage Hills subdivision. But, the 2/3 acre lot is being sold for $799,000! 

Anyway, for the Redfin link, click here

Just a short distance down Old Carbon Canyon Road and at its end, there are several parcels totaling 16 acres being offered for about the same price as the Brandon Circle lot.  There are likely differences in terms of available infrastructure, but, still . . .

For this link, click here.

To the west and across from Western Hills Country Club and evidently near Western Hills Oaks (the Google map shows it as near Carriage Hills but the photos indicate otherwise) is a half-acre property for $145,000, including custom home plans and soil test reports.

Click here for more.

In Western Hills Oaks, there are three unbuilt parcels currently for sale.  One on Fox Hunt at the higher, southern side of the community is over 1.5 acres and a pad is there, but no current blueprints, and the offering price is $399,000, which seems much steeper than the lot.

Here's the link.

Down lower on Valley Springs is a half-acre parcel on a bend in the road listed for $178,000 and for which there are plans for a 5,000 square foot home—well, the listing says "The lot comes with a preliminary 5,000+ square feet custom home."  Maybe you could negotiate for the house with the lot for $178K?

To check this out, click here.

Nearby on Valley Springs is another 1/2 acre lot for $329,900.  How different is the available infrastructure for this lot compared to the one above is another matter when the price difference is so much.

Anyway, here's the link.

In Mountain View Estates on Observation Lane off Canon Lane is a 1/3 acre lot that is a more advanced stage of development that most others listed.  The agent says the architectural plans for a 4,000 square foot house and the grading plan are approved and a geotechnical report and perc test (percolation testing for a septic system based on soil absorption characteristics) are done.  The listed price is $219,900.

To see this lot, click here.

On Canon Lane at a sharp turn before you climb uphill, there are two lots totaling just over 9,000 square feet with which are architectural plans and perc reports and the asking price is $100,000.

Here's the listing.

In Oak Tree Downs there is one lot and in the adjacent Oak Tree Estates there are three parcels for sale with prices ranging from $400,000 to 558,000. 

On Greens Court in the Downs, home construction barely started before the owner moved out of state--the 1/2 acre property is priced at $399,000 and can be seen here.

At the end of Berkeley Court in the Estates is a hilltop 1.5 acre lot with utilities and the listing mentions a 5,500sf house, but doesn't say whether there are plans or not.  Anyway, you can see the property here.

On the corner of Village Drive and Oak Tree Crossing is a 2.43 acre parcel with no indication of any reports or plans and offered for $558,000.  Here is the info.

There is a 1.25 acre lot on Esquilime Drive that also appears to be without plans or reports and is priced at $450,000.  More here.

Adjacent to Sleepy Hollow on the south side of Carbon Canyon Road is a parcel that is 2/3 of an acre and listed for $130,000, including home plans, soil reports and surveys, though potential buyers are advised to note the location carefully. 

For the link, click here.

In Sleepy Hollow's north side, off Hillside Road, is a 1/3 acre lot that appears to have no plans or reports and is offered at $40,000.

To check this property out, click here.

On the Brea side of the Canyon, there is a .9 acre lot right off the south side of Carbon Canyon Road with a gas meter that is offered for $40,000. 

Here's the link.

Just east of this last listing, there is a sign from the same realtor for a 36-acre property that climbs the steep hill to the summit above the Canyon to the south.  There isn't, however, a Redfin listing for this, but an interested party could drive to the site and get the contact info from the sign. 

This post was created largely to show that there are smaller parcels in Carbon Canyon that could potentially be built on—above and beyond the much larger housing developments like Madrona, Canyon Hills, Stonecrest and Hidden Oaks that either are approved or are likely to because of entitlements and which total over 350 units.

The Canyon can only handle so much more traffic, loss of increasingly diminishing wild habitat, fire risk, use of water in a long-term drought and so on.  It's one thing to have someone buy a lot for a single residence or even a few, as all of the above are, but quite another to have hundreds of homes potentially be built in a place that cannot handle the influx.

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